Enjoy the Insurance Benefits by checking in at the Alabama Unemployment Eligibility Office and Phone Numbers

If you are unemployed and worried about how your expenses will be managed for the month then you must refer to the Alabama Office of Employment and Training to check if you are eligible to avail the unemployment benefits. Essentially there are many major frontiers on which you will be assessed and how much monetary assistance will you get from the benefit program and this article will guide you about it.

The Alabama Office of Employment and Training has established a platform to help provide jobs to job seekers in Alabama which comprises of quality jobs for citizens, financial backing for the unemployed citizens and a very concise human resource information.

If you need any assistance in reaching the Alabama Office of Employment and Training than the Alabama Labor Department has allocated various resources in providing the most up to date employment information and training for the given jobs.

Furthermore, if you have any specific queries regarding Alabama Unemployment Extension Benefits, you can directly place a call at any of the following numbers:

  • Unemployment claim for File- 866-234-5382
  • Weekly Claim File Certification:
  1. Local Area Montgomery- 334-954-4094
  2. Local Area Birmingham- 205-458-2282
  • Other Areas- 800-752-7389
  • Specific Question or Query with an Existing Claimant- 800-361-4524
  • Overpayment for Compensation in Unemployment- 334-242-8800
  • Debit Card– 334-353-9084

In addition to the earning eligibility, you also need to provide a solid proof that you are not unemployed intentionally or are working less than full time intentionally rather because there is no work available in general while your annual total salary must be below a certain number.