Take Advantage of Online Deals

Everyone has a credit card, right? They offer many services in all kinds of areas. But do they give you rewards on an everyday basis? Won’t it be better to own a card which rewards you or gives you a chance to avail easy, discounted deals? Citi Easy Deals are here to help you with that. The program features three tiers, Base, Enhanced, and Plus, with access to three different types of savings. You can simply log in to their website, at, and enjoy their everyday deals.

How to Sign Up for Citi Easy Deals

To availCiti Easy Deals, you first have to sign up for their services. Even before that you must be a card member at Citibank. To apply for the card, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on your device or computer and open the browser that you prefer to use. In the address bar, enter the following web address:
  2. Click on the button next to “Not a Cardmember? Apply Now”.
  3. Once opened, you can select all the relevant options such as “Select Card Category”, “Search Cards”, and “Compare Cards”.
  4. Then click on “APPLY NOW”.
  5. On the next page, enter all the personal information required by the bank.
  6. Check the box for Terms and Conditions and click “Submit”.

However, if you’re already a card member, then all you need to do is sign up:

  1. Open your browser and in the address bar, enter the following web address:
  2. Click on the button “Get Started” in the Sign Up section.
  3. Enter the information required, such as First Name, Last Name, Last 4 Digits of Citi Card, and Zip Code.
  4. Click on “Next” to register yourself for Citi Easy Deals.

If you are already a member of Citibank card services and already registered for Citi Easy Deals, you can simply log in to with your information to avail the benefits:

  1. Open your browser and visit the following web address:
  2. Click on the button “Sign On” next to “Already Registered?”.
  3. The next page will have two options for how you can Sign On.
  4. Either you can provide your Citi’s Username and Password and click on the button “Sign On”
  5. Or, you can provide your Citi Easy Deals’ Email Address or Member ID and Password. Then click on the button “Sign On”.